Hitchcox Cider

The Orchard Cottage Cider Company brings you Hitchcox Cider

Here at Orchard Cottage we simply make Cider and Apple Juice. We love to develop new flavours and products. All of which have absolutely no artificial colours or flavourings.
Our own trees are maturing nicely, but until they're all ready, we source our apples locally, as well as some from Somerset, Hereford, Gloucestershire and North Devon.

Traditional Cider

Nothing at all is added to our traditional cider and it remains in a live state. Straight out of the barrel after being matured, it's available at different times of the year to give us sweet, medium and dry. Due to the nature of live cider, sweet and medium sweet are only available as bag-in-box.

apples in a tree

Natural Cider

Like our traditional ciders, nothing is added. We use pasteurisation to retain the natural sugars. The cider is fermented in the barrel, filtered and pasteurised, which when stored, keeps the cider in the same state almost indefinitely. Available as sweet, medium and dry.

Commercial Cider

Our commercial cider is made by re-sweetening a matured traditional cider, but with natural sugarsyrup. We use only natural sugars and flavour, with our own fruits and flowers. Because natural sugar would start the fermentation process again we then pasteurise to keep the cider stable.

White Wine Cider

White wine ciders are made from culinary, desert and crab apples only. All our other ciders are made from traditional cider apples. We make our white wine ciders with the same three processes: traditional, natural and commercial.